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Truly Great Coffee

Coffee with a song.

In a small or regular cup, brewed to perfection, creamy or plain black, piping hot and luscious, you'll remember this coffee sipped between one refrain and the next verse, or reached on the side while you keyed away engrossed in your work, correspondence or study; else immersed in that book, or when you stopped to catch your breath sharing a joke with a friend.

As it tickles your taste buds, aromatic and sensual, leaving its impression as signature coffee does, you'll come back for coffee at Kafeoke.


Coffee that makes life taste better.

Bites With A Song


Treat yourself to a tuna sandwich that will melt to a lingering aftertaste, a heavier chicken burger, samosas with a tangy dip, a tell tale pasta, spicy pody idlis reminiscent of your grandmother's kitchen or fragrant traditional banana bread.


Finger food to add to your Kafeoke relish while you belt out those songs.

Tea, Chocolate,
Floats, Shakes Or
A Song To Sing


The perfect jam for family, friends and colleagues, keeping it light, memorable and invigorating, Kafeoke is that place where you can spend hours taking that time out.

A karaoke cafe where you get heard, not anything like bathroom singing; you'll have both your peeps and an unsuspecting audience take your singing home with their experience of Kafeoke.

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